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Here is a great sound clip.


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"RT @Birder_Katie: Radar is lit with #birds tonight!! Check your patches in the morning! #birding #birders #spring #migration…"
6 days ago
"Advocate for science #AAASLive: thanks for a great webinar! See you at the #marchforscience @aaas @Sffolkes @ErikaShugart"
6 days ago
"Advocate for science: Deescalate tension by asking questions to help people feel heard, but OK to walk away if it continues. @ErikaShugart"
6 days ago
"Advocate for science #AAASLive: do private messages matter? public messages have more leverage and may be more effective"
6 days ago
"Advocate for science #AAASLive: what about bad news? be solution-focused to make audience more receptive. @ErikaShugart"
6 days ago