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Education 2015 PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2009 Master of Science, Ecology and Systematics, San Francisco State University

1982 BS Computer Information Systems, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Experience Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, 2015
Landscape-scale automated telemetry of migratory bats.  Project plan and implementation, partnerships with federal, state, and local government agencies and private landowners, data analysis and publication

Monitoring Pest Insect Migration with a Vertical-Looking Entomological Radar, USDA ARS, Rothamsted Research project, 2015-2016 Seguin, TX.  High altitude bat echolocation sampling to complement VLR data analysis

Dissertation research: Bat and Insect Migration, 2010-2013, Uvalde, TX.  Study of mechanisms driving fall migration of Brazilian free-tailed bats and Noctuid moths in south Texas, including bat foraging activity at high altitudes. Partially funded by Bat Conservation International.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2009-2013.  Teaching experience: Introductory Biology 102 (lab) & 130 (lab & lecture), Ecology

Bat Inventory Survey, Presidio of San Francisco, California, June 2008-July 2009.  Led acoustic monitoring survey of various habitats in the Presidio to construct species list and determine habitat associations. Funded by the Presidio Trust.

Master’s thesis: Foraging Ecology of Bats in San Francisco.  Acoustic survey of 20 natural areas across the city to identify factors contributing to species richness and relative foraging activity. Partially funded by the City of San Francisco.

Caribbean bat inventory work, St. Lucia & Montserrat, 2008, 2010.  Active participant in mist netting and radio tracking of several species of bat on two islands to evaluate the population structure of threatened species following natural disasters. Attended International Symposium on Island Biodiversity: Flora, Fauna and Humans in the Lesser Antilles, November 2010, Martinique

Winter activity of Pallid bats, Alameda County, California, Winter 2005/2006.  Assisted in capture and radio tracking of Pallid bats to understand winter roosting and activity levels.

Bat Conservation International Acoustic Monitoring Workshop, July 2008

TWS California & Nevada bat ecology seminar, October 2006

The Ecology and Conservation of California Bats, SFSU Sierra field campus, July 2005

Over 20 years experience in all facets of the software industry, at Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Internet start-up Actioneer. Skills include:

  • Management of complex technical projects including distributed teams and various external organizations. Delivery of results on time and within budget.
  • Presentations to board, management, customers, public, and staff.
  • Strategic plan development through detailed project and program management.


Leadership Board of Directors, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, Milpitas, California (Nonprofit)

  • President, 2005-2008; Vice-president, 2004-2005
  • Responsible for science direction, board governance and recruitment, strategic planning, and development.


Affiliations Society for Conservation Biology, Ecological Society of America, North American Society on Bat Research, Entomological Society of America, Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology


Awards BCI Student Research Scholarship, 2011, 2012, 2013

UTK Grantwriting Bootcamp 2011

Scholarship, Training and Research in Ecology and Evolution Graduate Fellowship Program (NSF S-STEM Program) 2008

Scholarship, Bat Conservation International Acoustic Monitoring Workshop, 2008

First Place, Student Paper Competition, TWS Western Section, 2007

Finalist, CSU Student Research Competition, 2007

California Pre-Doctoral Program, 2006-2007, Honorable mention

College of Science & Engineering Community Service Scholarship, 2006

Scholarship, TWS California & Nevada bat ecology seminar, October 2005

Rotary Foundation Educational Award, 1980-81, Université de Droit, D’Économie et des Sciences, Aix-en-Provence, France

Presentations 2014, North American Congress for Conservation Biology, paper: Crossing borders in the dark: integrating conservation of migratory bats and birds in North America, in symposium Full Life Cycle Conservation for High Priority Migratory Birds in the Western Hemisphere

2014, Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology, paper: Migratory predators adjust foraging behavior in response to migratory prey

2013, UTK EUReKA Undergraduate competition, poster with Devin Jones: Fall Migration of Corn and Rice Strains of Spodoptera fruigperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Southwest Texas (1st prize)

2013 3rd International Symposium on Bat Research, paper: Ecosystem Services & Migratory Bats

2012 NASBR, paper: The moveable feast: Linking bat and insect migration

2011 NASBR, paper: Eating What’s in Season: Linking Bat and Insect Migratory Behavior

2009 NASBR, paper: Foraging Ecology of Bats in San Francisco, California

2008 NASBR, poster: San Francisco’s Other Dining Scene: Foraging Ecology of Urban Bats

2007 TWS paper, IBRC poster: Influence of waterproof casings on Pettersson D240X acoustic bat monitoring performance.

Publications Krauel, J.J., Westbrook, J.K. & McCracken, G.F., 2015. Weather-driven dynamics in a dual-migrant system: moths and bats. Journal of Animal Ecology 84:604-614

Krauel, J.J. & McCracken, G.F. (2014) Migratory Predators Adjust Foraging Behavior in Response to Migratory Prey. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 54, E115-E115.

Krauel, J.J. & McCracken G.F., 2013. Recent Trends in Bat Migration Research. In: Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation (Adams, R. & S. Pedersen, eds). Springer Science, NY, NY.

Krauel, J.J. & McCracken, G.F., 2011. Eating What’s in Season: Linking Bat and Insect Migratory Behavior. Bat Research News 52 (4): 83A

Pruitt, J.N., & Krauel, J.J., 2010. The adaptive value of gluttony: predators mediate the life history trade-offs of satiation threshold. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23:2104-2111.

Krauel, J.J. & LeBuhn, G., Patterns of bat distribution and foraging activity in a highly urbanized environment. In revision for submission to Urban Ecosystems.

Krauel, J.J. & LeBuhn, G., 2009. Foraging Ecology of Bats in San Francisco, California. Bat Research News 50 (4):117A

Krauel, J.J., & LeBuhn, G., 2008. San Francisco’s Other Dining Scene: Foraging Ecology of Urban Bats. Bat Research News 49 (4):136A

Krauel, J.J., Reyes, G. & LeBuhn, G., 2007. Influence of waterproof casings on Pettersson D240X acoustic bat monitoring performance. Bat Research News 44 (4):246A

2015   Entomological Society of America, symposium on Ecology and management of migratory moth pests: uniting disciplines to provide solutions.  Paper: A bat’s perspective on the autumn movements of migratory noctuid moths (Premier presentation)

2012   Guest lecture on Ecology and Management of Texas Bats, Department of Wildlife Management, Southwest Texas Junior College

2012   Guest lecture on Behavioral Genetics for Biology 130 class, University of Tennessee

2009 – 2012   Bat Ecology & Management, lecture and demonstration, Mammalogy course, University of Tennessee

2010   Foraging ecology of bats in San Francisco – San Francisco Natural Areas Program

Service Communication and interpretation of research to general public through blog and web site,, and twitter, @batgrrl.

2011 Ijams Nature Center Bioblitz, Knoxville, TN. Netting and acoustic bat inventories on nature preserve, combined with public presentations on bat research.

2010, 2012 Wildflower Pilgrimage, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN. Bat echolocation talk & demonstration.

2009   Boo at the Zoo, Knoxville, TN. Outreach about bats to children and adults at Halloween program.

2000 Smart Women/Smart Money conference, San Francisco, CA. Led workshop on development of giving plans.

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