Jennifer Krauel

I’m a biologist interested in animal migration, particularly in insects and bats and at high altitudes. I’m currently a research specialist with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  I received my Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2014, and then worked as a postdoctoral scholar studying migratory bats with Justin Boyles at Southern Illinois University.  Before coming to Tennessee, I completed a Master’s degree in Biology (Ecology and Systematics) in the LeBuhn lab at San Francisco State University. My undergraduate degree was in Information Technology from the School of Business at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

While my personal interest in biology started at a young age, I started out on a very different path.  With a degree in business and IT, I worked in a wide variety of software product development and management positions at Hewlett-Packard  and Oracle as well as at a small Internet start-up.  Eventually I decided to switch gears and turn my interest in the natural world into a career.  During the transition period, I brought my corporate leadership experience to serve as a board member and then board president of the non-profit San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory

My unique mix of management experience, non-profit board leadership and formal training in bat biology would be a strong asset to the right organization.  In addition to my scientific research and academic teaching experience, I also have experience turning strategy into measurable results, growing and empowering organizations, developing effective partnerships, managing international teams, and communicating effectively to all kinds of stakeholders.

  • I am very knowledgeable about bat conservation and science and active in the North American bat research community.  I have experience both conducting bat science as well as communicating about bat conservation.
  • As the leader of a conservation non-profit board, I oversaw a major shift in board direction and the replacement of an ED.  This gave me an appreciation for a strong board, and an understanding of how to work effectively with one.
  • My start-up leadership experience taught me to do much with few resources, and communicate a vision to inspire a small team to great things.
  • My large-company leadership experience taught me professionalism, both as an individual and as a manager, and the value of and cost of opportunities provided by a large organization.
  • I have managed international and distributed teams through periods of significant cultural change and shifts in strategic direction.
  • I am skilled at the development and communication of strategic plans, and also with details of their implementation.  I am aware of the challenges involved in overcoming resistance to strategic change.
  • I thoroughly enjoy managing people for both their own growth and the growth of the organization.  I understand the value of finding the right person for a job, making sure they have a sense of responsibility and the resources they need to succeed, and then getting out of their way.
  • I understand the importance of knowing an organization’s core competencies and partnering for leverage beyond that.  I built and managed alliances with corporate partners including IBM, Apple, and Lotus, and non-profit partners including the San Francisco Bay Area Open Space Coalition and Bay Trail programs.  These partnerships included joint program development, legal agreements, joint strategy development, and managing shared deliverables.
  • I am comfortable with technology and with financial responsibility.
  • I have training and experience in grant writing, approaching foundations for funding, and am comfortable interacting with all levels of donors. I feel strongly about development of philanthropy and led a workshop on development of giving plans at the 2000 Smart Women/Smart Money conference in San Francisco.
  • I have experience in presentations to the public, donors, employees, partners, scientists, press, volunteers, and boards.

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