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  • Vampire bat I took out of the net
  • The bite force machine
  • Myotis keasyi
  • Bauerus dubiaquercus
  • Bauerus dubiaquercus
  • Platyrhinus helleri
  • Mimon crenulatum
  • Nice view of the gland under the throat of the Eumops
  • A free-tailed bat!  This was a gorgeous Eumops

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"#Moths, #bats, and genitalia all in one #science story. It doesn't get better than that. @BarberLab"
4 days ago
"While the kite's recording #bats aloft, I eavesdrop on the activity at ground level with my Echo Meter touch @WildlifeAcoust"
33 days ago
"Let's go fly a kite! Here she is with the first detector, going out. Bats arrive from Bracken cave around 9pm…"
33 days ago
"Science! Flying this #helikite tonight to record #bat calls 100's of meters high over Texas tonight."
33 days ago
"RT @Mammals_Suck: Did I just take a bunch of NASA tank tops from the boys section & put them in the girls section? Yes. Yes I did. https://…"
37 days ago